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Mid-range dose filling machine
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Mid-range dose filling machine

Brief description:
   This machine is designed for the powder, ultra-fine powder and other materials, it can auto-complete finish measuring, filling, blowing nitrogen and others. It can match with variety of bag packing machine for the measurement of powder filling materials. It fits the fluidic or low fluidity materials, such as milk powder, fodder, rice powder, white sugar, monosodium glutamate, solid beverage, dextrose, food additive, dyestuff, and so on.
   The whole machine is made of stainless steel material, oil pressure lever. In particular the application of GMP, food sanitation certification, and adapt to amyctic  materials.
   Because of the unique way of mechanical transmission, so its simple structure, good stability and strong ability to over loading.
   Servo motor driving screw is characteristics of high-precision orientation, high-speed, great-torque, long-life, setup rotate speed, stable performance.
   Stirrer’s driven by the Taiwanese motor reducer: low noise, long life, maintenance-free life.
   Weight feedback and proportion track get rid of the shortage of variable packaged weight for various proportion of different material
   The hopper is made of  stainless steel and is consist of glass,damp. material movement at a glance through the glass,air-sealed to avoid the  leak, easy to blow the nitrogen, and the discharge material mouth with the dust    collector to protect the workshop dnvironment .
   Equiped with the special

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