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BSL-S3(Auger Feeding Machine)
BSL-S3(Vibrating Conveyor:
Square hopper)
BSL-S3(Vibrating Auger Conver:
Round Hopper)
Mid-range dose filling machine
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BSL-S3(Vibrating Auger Conver: Round Hopper)

Brief introduction:
   This conveyor is suitable for multiple powdery product. Working together with Bozn packing machine, the product feeding of the conveyor is controlled to retain the product level in the product cabinet. And the machine can be used independently. All parts are made of stainless steel except the electromotor, bearing and support frame.
   ●Using double electromotors : feeding motor & vibrating motor, separately controlled.
   ●Product funnel is design to be adjustably vibratile, which lead to avoid product blocking and improve the adaptation of different products.
   ●Product funnel can separate from the tube for easy assembly.
   ●Special anti-dust design to protect bearing from dust.
   ●In order to convenience machine cleaning, following functions are added in: auger can reverse for emptying the tube, product discharge gate is mounted in the bottom of the funnel, auger can be disassemblied for washing.
Tec Parameter:
   ●Feeding rate:3~5M3/H
   ●Hopper volume:230L
   ●Power supply:3P 380V/220V 50HZ
   ●Total power:818w
   ●Total weight:140Kg
Spec(other size can be ordered):
   Hopper dimension:inside/outside dia:968MM/1002MM
   Height of the discharge mouth:1800MM

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