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YDB Multi-level Liquid pumps
BSL-S3(Auger Feeding Machine)
BSL-S3(Vibrating Conveyor:
Square hopper)
BSL-S3(Vibrating Auger Conver:
Round Hopper)
Mid-range dose filling machine
Address:Jingjiang Economic
        Development Area,
        Taizhou, Jiangsu

     Changling Machinery Factory is located in shanghai economy develop zone, Products of this factory are widely used in petroleum, chemistry, electricity, metallurgy, medicine, food, construction, etc. our products line includes:

  • Flow control system. Such as pumps, automation valves and actuators.
  • Material handling system, Such as conveyors, fillers, feeders, weighers and packaging system etc.
  • Custom design products
  • Since1998, Founders in Changling Machinery Factory have been engaged manufacture and products development, team of technical are consists of skilled engineers that they come from different industry, so this is also important value of our enterprise.
         There are 115 staff and workers, including 5 senior engineers and 25 senior skilled workers and technicians.
         There are more than 50 processing machine tools. They are used for fabrication, testing, assembling, these products are produced exactly according to the releated industry and national standards, such as ANSI, FDA, CSA, DIN,EN, BS etc, QC is following international standard (ISO9001:2000)
         Today, we‘re proud to say, Changling Machinery Factory is in the forefront of automation engineering, no matter what your business or where you are in the world, Changling Mechanical Factory has a solution that will increase productivity, lower costs, and keep your company forward.
         Our primary objective: To make you more successful.
         We use our products, ideas and emotions to realize your visions. Three decades of experience have helped us develop a spirit of innovation and an uncompromising passion.
    Address:China jiangsu taizhou
    Telephone:0523-82622030、88580979     Fax:0523-88580979    Zip:225300
    Address:Jingjiang Economic Development Area, Taizhou, Jiangsu    Email:15161022188@163.com
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